Bűbáj - Glamour

This special wine "Glamour" guides everyone to the ancient and mythical world of our nation.
Taste this wine honorusly in small portions, let yourself fascinate. This wine helps to explore your soul, where you can meet your deepest emotions. Just imagine the Glamour, and listen to your mind.  

Glamour: magic and temptation. These makes women the most attractive, like fairies. Traditionally, the fairies come down from the stars on glimmering rainbows to be together and hug their loves.  That is the only way they can hug their honeys. This glamorous wine keeps the freshness of spring, and shows the passion of summer nights.

Guidelines: Be part of the magic, be tempted with this wine even if you are a man or a women.

Bűbáj - Glamour

Quality dry rose