Wine Ideas
WINE different for everyone. It is just a narcotic drink, which helps hiding away from the difficulties of life. On the other hand, it is a spiritual elixir, part of celebration. It is the key of the gate between the material and the spiritual world.  The wine is the key of achieving a higher  intellectually level over physical beeing, and relax.
WINE  is a special elixir, which opens the way to reach the world of higher dimensions. Glamorous and spiritual beauties of wines show up only for meritorious people. It similars to the Táltos horse, which is a weak screw for the ordinary people, but for his owner it becomes a beautiful horse and takes him to the mythical world.
In the ancient cultures wine symbolised blood. Blood means soul on spiritual level, which is an important factor of life and existence. That is where the term comes in Hungarian for wine: "soul-warmer".
How and why?
Our wines are created with a special atmosphere, which dedicated to the traditional approach of the world by the Hungarian Nation. In this faith we consider that everything is living with us, thus it requires humble, respect, and wisdom from every living being. Every living material has a soul. Our wines are treated in a "Product friendly" way day by day. This is a complete, logical technological system, which is determined by the nature, and common sense, respecting life and nature. The essence of this method, that natural process is prevealing, which are harmonized in small steps to reach the final quality of wines how we dreamed. The smooth and complex process  can easily fail without sophisticated technologies. Our mission is to create a strong symbiosis in people, nature, technology and tradition. The special taste and aroma of our wines are compromised by this knowledge. 
The Hungarian language has a special, clean, and a very emphatic taste. The wine labels really represent the most important properties of every bottle of wine. Just allow the first sip of wine to dissolve in your body and soul, and let the dreams come true, as the label shows. An ancient symbol the "Táltos" drum denotes the gate between the upper and lower worlds, the connection with another dimension, which can be touched with the tasting of this wine.

Every nation of the world has its own history, religion and legends. Every man who has born in Hungary has a duty  to keep alive ancient Hungarian traditions. We have chosen a special way to save and show our culture through wines. Every drop of our wines holds a small piece of the legendary Hungarian culture. We have chosen the names from this culture to characterize our wines the best.  Try to imagine the message of the wine labels when you taste these fine quality products.


In the third century, when Valentinus, kaiser of Rome ruled grapes, which were planted in the area, where Kecskemét lays today,  the ancient Hungarians have met  the grapes here, during their roving. Anonymous mentioned these wineyards as "Körtvélytó" and "Gyümölcsényerdő" which can be translated into English like "Forest of Fruit". Later it has been named "The gold of sand". King Geza I. (1074-1077) has mentioned the modality ’until the Wineyard of the Queen’ like the sign of the border in his deed of gift. . The sun is the symbol of creation, existence and life. Light gives life, that is why the number of daily sunny hours counts so much in nature. In Hungary Kecskemét has the most sunny hours during a year. Here the fruits growing holds the power of sun, which gives a special caharacter to our wines.

The Dimension Wineyard. (Dimenzio Borászat) has been built up with years of knowledge. Its professional background came from more decades  experience in research, and cutting-edge technologies ( at the Winery and Wine-Growing Researcher Institute). Our aim is to establish connection between past and future  through the wineyard to create a special harmony between tradition and technology. In Our wineyard we grow traditional, almost forgotten type of grapes ( to wake up from its sleep), which are treated on a very smooth, but modern way. The centre of the Wineyard is Miklóstelep with hundreds of years tradition in wine production, whose fields belonged to the Viticulture and Winery Researcher Institute of Kecskemét.