In the third century, when Valentinus, kaiser of Rome ruled grapes, which were planted in the area, where Kecskemét lays today,  the ancient Hungarians have met  the grapes here, during their roving. Anonymous mentioned these wineyards as "Körtvélytó" and "Gyümölcsényerdő" which can be translated into English like "Forest of Fruit". Later it has been named "The gold of sand". King Geza I. (1074-1077) has mentioned the modality ’until the Wineyard of the Queen’ like the sign of the border in his deed of gift. . The sun is the symbol of creation, existence and life. Light gives life, that is why the number of daily sunny hours counts so much in nature. In Hungary Kecskemét has the most sunny hours during a year. Here the fruits growing holds the power of sun, which gives a special caharacter to our wines.