WINE different for everyone. It is just a narcotic drink, which helps hiding away from the difficulties of life. On the other hand, it is a spiritual elixir, part of celebration. It is the key of the gate between the material and the spiritual world.  The wine is the key of achieving a higher  intellectually level over physical beeing, and relax.
WINE  is a special elixir, which opens the way to reach the world of higher dimensions. Glamorous and spiritual beauties of wines show up only for meritorious people. It similars to the Táltos horse, which is a weak screw for the ordinary people, but for his owner it becomes a beautiful horse and takes him to the mythical world.
In the ancient cultures wine symbolised blood. Blood means soul on spiritual level, which is an important factor of life and existence. That is where the term comes in Hungarian for wine: "soul-warmer".