Sámán - Saman
This wine is one of the specialities of Our Wineyard, which guides everyone to the ancient and mythical world of our nation.

Taste this wine honorusly in small portions, let yourself fascinate. This wine helps to explore your soul, where you can meet your deepest emotions. Just imagine its label and listen to your mind.

Saman: He is the one, who owns the knowledge,  he is a preshunked, initiated man. One person, who is an instructor, a minstrel, a divine,  a remedial, a sorcerer at the same time.  He belives, that everything lives around us, so everything has a soul.  During trance he looks for the connection with the spiritual level.

Guidelines: Perfect for trance, soul diving, and healaing.
Its colour remembers us the magic of the westering sun and its taste and smell remember us the chillness of the dawn-breeze.  

Quality dry red wine "Cabernet Sauvignon"