Kövidinka has been presented
"No backdoor needs anymore, finally Kecskemét has its own wine" Gábor Zombor, the mayor of Kecskemét, started his speech so about the first presentation of Kövidinka, which has been chosen the wine of the town. And he said that Kövidinka proves, that this town is not prominent only with its world famous raw spirits, it has perfect wines as well. The Kövidinka is a real Hungaricum, this type of grape is grown only in the Kárpát-medence (Pannonian Plain). The workers of the Town Hall and the journalists could taste nice, luscious wines today afternoon at the court of the Town Hall.

It was a long procedure to select this masterful wine, produced by the Dimension Wineyard. As Gábor Szili, the plant-leader of the Wine-Culture Researcher Institute of Katonatelep of Corvinus University, said that the jury, consisited of professionals, civils and the members who are delegated by the town leaders, selected from the wines, which have already reached prominent positions on the local wine contest. This historical decision means, that this Kövidinka wine ( wine of the Wineyard having centre in Miklóstelep) can hold the Wine of the town of Kecskemét title for a year, until the next prizewill be  invited.
About the winner type: the Kövidinka, in the second part of the XIXth century, has started its way of conquest from Bácska after the time of the filoxeria epidemic (which ruined the historical wineyards) –Dr. Hajdú Edit, scientific contributor of the Researcher Institute, has described a short historical story about the life of this type, which is grown only in the Pannonian Plan. She added that this pink coloured, tough and resistant  grape has a perfect acid and sugar rate, and it has become very popular in a short  time and its delicious taste thanks for the sandy land.
Is it really so? Everyone can control the facts described above. The guests of the county centre can control this and those who get a bottle from the town leaders as a present for this event. Morover Dimenzió Viticulture can impress the arm of the town, as well the title of the wine of the town of Kecskemét (having a real promotion value) upon 300 hundred bottles.
source: hír6.hu